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Reimagining our Foundational Practices

    Dr. Patrick Beauchesne, Associate Professor of Anthropology at UM-Dearborn, gives his take on being a professor, and how the Foundations program at UM-D has changed his outlook on the way he teaches.

    PHS Scrapbook 2021-2022

      PHS is a student organization committed to spreading public health values and knowledge to UMD and the Dearborn community. In the 2021-2022 school year, PHS has created over 11 events, and over 6 philanthropic and volunteer opportunities for students on campus.

      Tracking Air Pollution with the Flow2

        This infographic was created in collaboration with the Environmental Health Research-to-Action (EHRA), a community-academic partnership led by UM-Dearborn students and faculty, as well as local public school students, community organizations, and elected officials.

        UM-Dearborn Community Discord Server

          Created and managed by UM-Dearborn students, this space of digital community has flourished during the COVID-19 pandemic as students gather to meet and connect with others. The server has been especially impactful for the class of 2024, who ended high school and began college in a fully virtual environment. Faculty and staff have even joined, interfacing with students in a more informal setting than would be typically possible.