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Something Sentimental

    By Maya Barak

    Put simply, A Zine About Students As Partners could not exist without the students. In a way, we’re all students on the zBoard, regardless of our official position or role at the university. I have personally learned a great deal from other members of our team, including contributors to this and past issues, and look forward to learning more. But, here, I’d like to pay a special acknowledgement to our three founding student members of the zBoard: Samuel Bellaire, Zenon Sommers, and our outgoing Student Co-Editor-In-Chief, Christopher Thomas. After spending a year with the Zine–and imbuing it with a spirit of authenticity and never-ending drive–we lost Zenon to the greener pastures of graduation. As this issue goes to press (and by that I mean once the zBoard completes the task of piecing together this issue by hand), we must say our goodbyes to Chris. Chris has served as the backbone of the Zine from day one, helping to breathe life into what was once a mere idea. Fortunately, Sam, whose steadfast dedication to creating a functional website is unparalleled, will be sticking around for Vol. 4. We cannot thank you all enough, so instead I’ve dedicated a haiku to each of you…


    Can speak computer

    What would we do without you?

    Can’t stop, won’t stop Sam


    Brimming with ideas

    Jack of all trades, and then some

    Off to see the world


    Always at the core,

    Philosopher progressing

    Don’t be a stranger