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UM-Dearborn Community Discord Server

    Created and managed by UM-Dearborn students, this space of digital community has flourished during the COVID-19 pandemic as students gather to meet and connect with others. The server has been especially impactful for the class of 2024, who ended high school and began college in a fully virtual environment. Faculty and staff have even joined in, interfacing with students in a more informal setting than would typically be possible in a student-faculty relationship. Below are reflections on this space gathered from the students who make this server the diverse community space it is.

    “The Discord really helped me settle into college life. I felt because of the Discord, I was able to learn more about UM-Dearborn and have a quick and easy way to communicate with my peers about anything going on at our school or just general questions. Everyone here’s really nice and helpful and I feel like I belong.”

    “It has helped me keep up with school events and get back into socializing after a year and a half of solitude!”

    “The UMD Discord server gave me a chance to talk with students outside the classroom I otherwise never would have known. School events, student life, and just meeting up with friends became that much more possible because of the server. Even if you’re only reading through, the place is pleasant to be in and there’s almost always someone to talk to.”

    “I joined the Discord before I even graduated in high school and it helped me get to know and bond with my fellow students over my first year, which was online. Coming to the in-person year, it remains a great way to stay in contact with my fellow students to fully enjoy my time here at UMD. In addition, having so much of the student body in a casual setting such as this is extremely helpful for student life and planning events within the student body.”

    “As a sophomore whose freshman year was crippled due to COVID, the UMD Discord was a great tool to build a sense of community and get to know others at a school where the commuter campus can often feel quite disconnected.”

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