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Unveiling Creativity: Professor Nesbitt’s Mentorship with Adobe Illustrator

    By Heba Sayed

    During our Digital Design class critiques, I was captivated by an artwork created by Jaylyn Jones. The piece, a first-time venture into Adobe Illustrator, captured a vibrant moment from Jaylyn’s friend’s concert. Jaylyn explained the challenges he faced, particularly with adding shadows and details, underscoring the learning and growth fostered through collaborative exploration of new tools. Throughout the discussion, Jaylyn emphasized the invaluable help from Professor Nesbitt, showcasing a strong partnership between students and staff. With Professor Nesbitt’s help, he was able to create this beautiful artwork and gain new skills that he can carry with him throughout his artistic journey. This collaboration highlights the supportive atmosphere within our class, where students thrive with the encouragement of our dedicated faculty. 

    Here is the illustration by Jaylyn:

    Illustration of young man singing