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UM-Dearborn Community Discord Server

    Created and managed by UM-Dearborn students, this space of digital community has flourished during the COVID-19 pandemic as students gather to meet and connect with others. The server has been especially impactful for the class of 2024, who ended high school and began college in a fully virtual environment. Faculty and staff have even joined, interfacing with students in a more informal setting than would be typically possible.

    Humanizing Higher Education Through Group Chats

      In the era of remote learning, student group chats should be encouraged – not regarded with suspicion and punished. They carry many benefits for both faculty and students promoting peer learning and providing a source of community in times of great isolation and beyond.

      Nonbinary Gender: Scholarship and Experience

        Nonbinary Gender: Scholarship and Experience is a 10-part podcast series produced by four UM-Dearborn students pursuing LGBTQ+ Studies Certificates. This project is the culmination of research and interviews collected during the Summer 2021 semester for an independent study of nonbinary identities.

        Lyceum Collaboration

          Lyceum, a publication established at UM-Dearborn in 1971, showcases the creative talents of writers and artists within the university community, featuring poetry, short fiction, non-fiction, drama, photography, and artwork submitted by students, alumni, faculty, and staff. In a special Lyceum-Zine collaboration, students shared their thoughts on sticky notes about what it means to view students, faculty, and staff as partners.

          Working Together, Attending Class

            How can we think of the university as a commons, a community, a site of solidarity? The pitfalls and obstacles are many. Let’s consider one particular viewpoint: the university as an integral part of capitalist society. Viewed as such, who are the workers, who are the bosses, who are the consumers, and what are the commodities? Unlike an Amazon warehouse, it’s all quite opaque.

            Conversations about Students as Partners

              In our debut issue of a zine about students as partners, we have shared research partnerships on campus between students and faculty, creative projects between students, and even ideas about how to think about the wider partnerships had as a community. However, there are common and long-standing partnerships on campus, such as the Supplemental Instruction Program, that are so commonplace that it is easy to forget they are the type of partnerships we hope to nurture here at the Zine.