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Volume 5 – Art Objects

Winter 2024

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  • The Magic of Connection

    The Magic of Connection

    Editors Note: Dear Reader, As I reflect on the past four years of my journey through computer engineering at the University of Michigan Dearborn, I am filled with gratitude for the countless partnerships that have shaped my academic and personal growth. Each collaboration, whether with fellow students, faculty members, or community organizations, has been instrumental…

  • How ‘Craving Crimes’ Satisfies Your True Crime Appetite

    How ‘Craving Crimes’ Satisfies Your True Crime Appetite

    By Supriya Jayaraman In the dimly lit corners of the podcasting world, where shadows dance with the echoes of unsolved cases and notorious criminals, one show has emerged as a beacon for true crime enthusiasts: Craving Crimes. But how did this gripping podcast come to be? Back in the early days of 2021, the Criminology…

  • Art Teaching Statement

    Art Teaching Statement

    By Sarah Nesbitt  For every class I teach, I want to make sure that students learn skills that they can use beyond the classroom. I used to work in communications and did some freelance work with photography, video, and graphic design, and worked with people in many other fields. I usually try to bring that…

  • Community – Artist Statement

    Community – Artist Statement

    By Maya-Rose Trajano My submission is a logo I made for an assignment that asked us to brand for Grand Rapids’ annual ArtPrize event that recognizes and supports the work of many talented, local MI artists that choose to participate. Students were encouraged to submit their work to ArtPrize’s Merchandise Design Competition. The theme that…

  • Exploring the Path to Education Equity: A Student Outlook on Open Educational Resources

    Exploring the Path to Education Equity: A Student Outlook on Open Educational Resources

    By Aamina Rehman, with an introduction by Jill Darling During the ‘22-’23 academic year, I participated in the Hub Affiliate faculty program with the goal of learning more about Open Educational Resources (OER). That experience led me to be invited to join the UM-Dearborn campus Open Education Committee to further explore OER and help to…

  • End Goal

    End Goal

    By Ana Yadira When two players on a team can’t get along, they focus on the main goal. Winning. Teamwork between two talented people can result in greatness. Cast pride aside, sometimes your greatest rivalry is your best teammate. My definition of partnership means working together to meet the end goal. You might not always…

  • Shaking Up SURE: A Clifftop Documentary 

    Shaking Up SURE: A Clifftop Documentary 

    By Ava Abramowicz Would you like to come to West Virginia as part of my documentary crew?  You can probably guess my obvious response: Of course I would! It’s not everyday that an undergraduate student–such as myself–is offered such an exciting opportunity. I first heard of “Clifftop” from Professor Adam Sekuler of the Journalism and…

  • Art Work by Jaylyn Jones

    Art Work by Jaylyn Jones

    Jaylyn created this art work using Adobe Illustrator. It was made during Professor Nesbitt’s Digital Design class.

  • Unveiling Creativity: Professor Nesbitt’s Mentorship with Adobe Illustrator

    Unveiling Creativity: Professor Nesbitt’s Mentorship with Adobe Illustrator

    By Heba Sayed During our Digital Design class critiques, I was captivated by an artwork created by Jaylyn Jones. The piece, a first-time venture into Adobe Illustrator, captured a vibrant moment from Jaylyn’s friend’s concert. Jaylyn explained the challenges he faced, particularly with adding shadows and details, underscoring the learning and growth fostered through collaborative…

  • Artist Statement – Paige Allen, cover artist

    Artist Statement – Paige Allen, cover artist

    I’ve been an artist for, essentially, as long as I can remember. From the time I was old enough to hold a crayon, my coloring books would accompany me everywhere, soon evolving to many-paged lined notebooks and eventually becoming true to form sketchbooks. Throughout my life, I’ve been able to further ground myself in this…

  • The Writing Center Newsletter’s Collaborative Journey

    The Writing Center Newsletter’s Collaborative Journey

    By Vaishali Prayag In the heart of our campus, a dynamic partnership has been brewing between students and faculty, and it’s all centered around the Writing Center Newsletter. It started with a simple idea from one of our graduating students, in the form of an internship opportunity at the Writing Center, to now, a…

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Student-staff-faculty partnerships are a wonderful, but fleeting thing. Or maybe they are wonderful because they are fleeting. On campuses where every minute, every note, every essay, test, project, and discussion are translated in terms of dollars and cents, the fleeting partnerships that can’t be quantified are the things we try to capture in the pages of this zine.

And for me, teaching is a weird profession because the most successful partnerships are the ones that end. Students graduate. They move on into other worlds. And this is the case with our Student Co-Editorin-Chief, Harleen Gill. She graduates this term from the College of Engineering and Computer Science. And, while we say enthusiastically, “Congratulations!” We also want to say, “Don’t go!!!”

Harleen’s impact on the zine was visible from her first term in January 2023. She emphasized the invaluable experiences of women in engineering, both in the pages of Volume 4 and in her promotion of the zine across campus. She also put the Society for Women Engineers to the forefront of our attention this past year. So, while Harleen will be moving onto other things, our attention to women in engineering won’t go away with her. Her legacy remains in her efforts and her impact in her own field and in many others.

In addition to Harleen’s great work, this project was made possible by a grant from the Arts Initiative at the University of Michigan. The zine has also been supported by UM-Dearborn’s Hub for Teaching and Learning Resources, the Dean of Students, and the Department of Language, Culture and the Arts.

Mike MacDonald, Faculty Co-Editor-in-Chief,
Associate Professor of Composition & Rhetoric

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